Optimizing Azure Cost Management with PowerShell

Let’s dig into some quick hits for trying to keep your costs down in Azure – and since I am who I am let’s use PowerShell

Automating Cost Reports

First – lets script the retrieval of usage and cost data, businesses can monitor their cloud expenditures closely, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize costs.

Get-AzConsumptionUsageDetail -StartDate "2023-01-01" -EndDate "2023-01-31" | Export-Csv -Path "./AzureCostsJan.csv"

This simple script fetches the consumption details for January 2023 and exports the data to a CSV file – from there you can use something like Excel to dig into your big costs.

Identifying Underutilized Resources

PowerShell scripts can scan Azure services to pinpoint underutilized resources, such as VMs with low CPU utilization or oversized and underused storage accounts, which are prime candidates for downsizing or deletion to cut costs.

Get-AzVM | ForEach-Object {
    $metrics = Get-AzMetric -ResourceId $_.Id -MetricName "Percentage CPU" -TimeGrain "00:05:00" -StartTime (Get-Date).AddDays(-30) -EndTime (Get-Date)
    $avgCpu = ($metrics.Data | Measure-Object -Property Average -Average).Average
    if ($avgCpu -lt 10) {
        Write-Output "$($_.Name) is underutilized."

This script assesses VMs for low CPU usage, identifying those with an average CPU utilization below 10% over the last 30 days.

Implementing Budget Alerts

Setting up budget alerts with PowerShell helps prevent unexpected overspending by notifying you when your costs approach predefined thresholds.

$budget = New-AzConsumptionBudget -Amount 1000 -Category Cost -TimeGrain Monthly -StartDate 2023-01-01 -EndDate 2023-12-31 -Name "MonthlyBudget" -NotificationKey "90PercentAlert" -NotificationThreshold 90 -ContactEmails "admin@example.com"

This script creates a monthly budget of $1000 and sets up an alert to notify specified contacts via email when 90% of the budget is consumed.

And there you go! Some quick and easy scripts to make sure you don’t blow your Azure budget!